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Most Iconic 

Torii Stool   2022

The Torii gate has a symbolic significance in Japanese culture, as it marks the boundary between the physical world and the spiritual realm. It is believed that passing through a Torii gate cleanses a person of impurities and prepares them for entry into the sacred space beyond.


Tribal Chair   2021

this tribal-inspired chair design concept would be a bold, eye-catching addition to any space, combining traditional techniques and materials with a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Tribal Chair
Rocking bench.jpg
Rocking Memories

Bench   2018

The rocking bench would have a classic, rustic design, with a curved wooden frame and a simple. The wood would be left untreated, giving it a natural, weathered look.

Hungry ???

Bowl  2018

The side table would have a minimalist, modern design, with a simple, circular bronze mirror tabletop. However, the tabletop would feature a whimsical, trompe l'oeil image of a stack of soup noodle bowls, with steam rising from each one.

The Bowl.jpg
Thread Daybead.jpg

Threads Daybed  2018

A bench design concept inspired by the tube of thread could be a unique and eye-catching addition to any space.

Let's prepare the dough.

Elastico   2017

Once the dough is prepared, it could be rolled out to a thickness of about 1 inch. The dough could then be shaped into a rectangular bench, with two legs at either end to provide support.

Unload the 

Consim  2016

The cannibalize collection could consist of furniture pieces that represent both war and peace, using design elements that convey the message of the quote in a subtle way.

Shooting Duck.

Colt Chair  2016

A chair designed with a military inspired , evoking the imagery of war. However, the chair could be upholstered with a soft and plush leather, creating a contrast between the hard exterior and the soft interior, symbolizing the power of love to overcome the love of power.

colt chair 4.jpg
Colt Chair Commander Side.jpg

Colt Commander Chair  2016

Ami to balance the ideas of war and peace in a harmonious way. The designs would incorporate elements of both concepts, creating furniture pieces that tell a story and evoke emotions.

Peace no war .

Kilo Chair  2016

The designs would aim to bring together the contrasting ideas of war and peace in a harmonious way. The pieces would be designed with clean lines, simple shapes, and earthy colors, creating a minimalist aesthetic that embodies the calmness and tranquility of peace.

Kilo Lb 5.jpg
Make it a better Place.

Flares  2016

Lit up the space which cast the wire mesh silhouette that enhance the walls with amazing night art. 

Year of the Ram

Ram Table  2015

The Chinese zodiac Ram, also known as the sheep or goat, is an animal that represents creativity, intelligence, and gentle nature.

Ram Table.jpg
Miss J.jpg
Cycle your way home.

Miss J  2013

Miss J, a stool based on childhood memories, the stool can become a cherished piece of furniture that brings back happy memories of childhood.

untitled leg detail.jpg

Untitled  2013

Lit up the area..

Lantern Table  2012

Chinese lanterns are a popular decorative element in Chinese culture, known for their bright colors and intricate designs. When incorporating the design concept of a Chinese lantern into furniture pieces such as side tables, coffee tables, and bedside tables.

Lantern Table.jpg
PACU armchair side.jpg
Festive Season..

Paper Cut Chair  2012

An armchair designed based on Chinese traditional paper-cut culture would feature intricate cutouts and designs inspired by Chinese paper-cutting techniques. The armchair could be made of metal, with a seat and backrest that are covered in a durable leather

Fold and fit it there.

Bench  2012

Bench with a slight fold and a leather pad would be a versatile and functional piece of furniture that can easily transform from a stylish decorative element into a comfortable seating option. The bench would feature a minimalist design with clean lines, and be made of sturdy materials.

It's all Nuts

Pnut  2009

Stool and side table designed with the concept of a peanut would be a playful and unique addition to any space. The peanut's iconic shape would be incorporated into the design of both the stool and side table, creating a cohesive and eye-catching set.

Samurai Spirit. 

Bushido stool  2007

Bushido is a Japanese word that refers to the code of conduct and ethics followed by samurai warriors. Koi, on the other hand, are symbolic of perseverance and determination, while dragons are a powerful and respected symbol in Japanese culture.

Start the ......

Nobu Stool  2007

The influences from the armours and costumes from the great Nobunga period.

Ugly Me.jpg
Behind the 

Ugly Me  2007

The design of the chair would aim to make a powerful statement about poverty and inequality in society. It would be a conversation starter, inspiring discussion and reflection on the issue. The design could also be used as a tool for fundraising or awareness-raising campaigns, with a portion of the proceeds going towards organizations working to address poverty and inequality.

Eat it up !!!

Oreo Table and Chair  2005

Oreo cookies would be a fun and playful addition to any space. The design would incorporate the iconic color scheme and creating a whimsical and memorable design.

Tribal Chair
Rockin Bench
Thread Daybed
Elastico Bench
Torri Stool
Torii Stool
Elastico bench.jpg
Colt Chair
Colt Commander Chair
Kilo Chair
Ram Table
Miss J
Lantern Table
Paper Cut
Ugly Me


home concept.jpg
Raum und wohnen.jpg
home & decor.jpg
home concept 2.jpg
daybed cover.jpg

317 Outram Road Concord Shopping Centre #02-64 , Singapore 169075 

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