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Thread Daybead.jpg
Thread Daybed
Tube of Threads

Threads Bench  2018

The bench would have a minimalist, modern design, with a simple wooden frame and a smooth, upholstered seat.

To add to the visual impact, the thread could be woven in a pattern that mimics the look of a woven textile, with different colors and textures intermingled to create a dynamic, layered effect. The bench seat could be upholstered in a complementary fabric, such as a soft, woven wool or a sleek, leather-like material. Below uses Chinese porcelain inspirates print fabric.  


Overall, this bench design concept would be a bold and innovative piece of furniture that merges form and function in a unique and unexpected way. It would be well-suited to a modern, eclectic space, where it could serve as a focal point and a conversation starter.

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