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Torii Stool
Torii Stool

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Torii Stool  2022

The introduction of Torii, a minimalist collection infused with the Japanese spirit and culture. The collection draws influence from the traditional Japanese gate which is typically found in Shinto shrines or the house of a family with a newborn baby.


Japanese Torii gates are traditionally made from wood. In a similar approach, the Torii collection features exquisite pieces crafted from wood, a sturdy material to withstand daily usage in spaces. The pieces are characterised by the curve edged volumes, showcasing the grain and texture of the selected wood finish that expresses the balance between nature and human.


With its pure and timeless lines, the minimalist appearance fits easily into any setting of your home. It can be placed beside the shoe cabinet or using it as a seat in the living area. It can also be an accent piece for the communal areas.


The Torii is a simple yet subtly sophisticated collection, defined by its distinct proportions and traditional elements; the collection is a great addition to instil harmony and calmness to the space.

Torii Stool
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