Furniture Projects

Design By Kok Yih Ming


A to B

Elastico Table X Moonler
(Elastico Collection)
IFFS Singapore 2018

Elastico Table's is like one block of wood with its internals elastically broken and pull apart. This creates an abstract base for the table. Let's change the characteristic of the wood for once!!!


Look Deeper into it.

Elastico Stool (metal leg) X moonler
(Elastico Collection)
IFFS Singapore 2018

Having the thought to change the character of the wood into something elastic. Brings about the birth of the elastico collection. Version 2 of the stool come with metal leg.


Let's look at the grain.

Elastico Stool X Moonler
(Elastico Collection)
IFFS Singapore 2018

Playful approach to design the stool. The colourful and bold, split detail on the back of the stool attempt to change the characteristic wood to Playdoh.


Stretch ........... Loop

Elastico Bench  X Moonler 
(Elastico Collection) 
IFFS Singapore 2018

I want wood have the characteristic of a Playdoh. This simple contemporary bench is proudly placed in a commercial and residential space.


Conventional Fun

Rocking Bench
Bangkok Design Week 2018
Remix Deesawat

Adding fun into a conventional bench.


Threading all the way

Thread daybed
Bangkok Design Week 2018
Remix Deesawat

After visiting a threading factory, the threading machine inspired the design of this daybed. Fun and able to use in a luxury home.


One more serving pls

The Bowl
Bangkok Design Week 2018
Remix Deesawat

Reflection of greed

consim table.jpg

Militaria Rebuilt

Consim X Kudzu
( Cannibalize M Collection )
IFFS Singapore 2016

" When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace."
inspired by Jimmy Hendrix famous quote, we reimagine weapons as daily use furniture.

Kilo Lb 2.jpg

Fall in

Kilo Chair X Kudzu
Kilo Series ( Cannibalize M Collection )
IFFS Singapore 2016

Code name Kilo, this piece of contemporary furniture makes use of discard weapon materials as its building block. This vintage looking item from  Cannibalize M series is intended for both commercial and residential space.


gear up!!!

Colt Commander X Kudzu
Colt Series ( Cannibalize M Collection )
IFFS Singapore 2016

Cannibalize M is a vintage military inspired collection with the vision to use disposed military weapon materials and converted to daily use furniture. These chairs come in two versions the colt commander and colt.


Ah!!! My Zodiac

Ram Table

Celebrating the year of ram with this ram-like wooden sculpture dining table.

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!




No Comment......


cycling ambition

Miss J

Cycling was introduced to me at a very young age. My dad bought me a tri cycle which kick-started my interest in cycling. This sculpture like stool attempts to convey my experience of roaming the streets with the bicycle. Since then from a tricycle to how i roamed the streets.

top view.jpg

Memories Reconstructure

PACU X Kudzu
( Those were the days Collection )
ICFF New York 2012

Riches and freedom was something i didn't had when i was young. When i was bored, I would take old newspapers and scissors to cut repeated patterns as a past time. PACU is based off my nostalgic feelings and memories of these newspaper cutting.

lantern table F.jpg

Oriental Chic

Lantern Table X Kudzu
ICFF New York 2012

Inspired by traditional Chinese lantern, this series of table (side,coffee and bedside) is a clever fusion of the contemporary and traditional.


sublet love

Bench X Kudzu

ICFF New York 2012

The structure of this bench is created by experimenting on different paper folding methods. This is a great piece of furniture in any interior space.


Crack a nut and enjoy the beat

Milan Salon Satellite 2009

Inspiration: relaxing in a beach in fine weather day 
Refreshment: Peanut and ice cold beer
Function : Stool or Sculpture or Drum
Where to put this: Any interior space


Samurai Spirit

Bushido X SDS 
Milan Salon Satellite 2007

Inspired by Samurai tattoo designs, Which represents strength and courage.


upgrade fusion

Nobu X SDS 
Milan Salon Satellite  2007

Fabric sculpturing with Japanese inspired theme


different level

Ugly Me X SDS
Milan Salon Satellite 2007

Hand-made felt cast structure with golden silk cord act as fastener.

Oreo SS05.jpg

Delicious !! I love Snack

Oero & Mint X SDS 
Milan Salon Satellite 2005

Translating my favorite snack into fun and contemporary table and chair.