Our Story

Superdonut Studio have built on its strength through experimental creativity. Experimenting materials with textures, patterns, colours, social influence on our culture and past memories form the basic principle of design as the fundamental Superdonut Studio works. With this belief, it leads us to our first international exhibition in Milan (Salone Satellite) in 2007. 

From that day on, Superdonut Studio had not looked back, experimenting ranges of design varying from interior to furniture that lead to more international media exposure. 

In Designing, we study the clients' lifestyle and understand the needs before the works begun. During the process of the research, we distinctively spot the undefined style or the "little universal" that is hidden to be rectified. Through us, we project a space that narrate a story and even enhance the lifestyle.

What We Do

Services We Offer

Cinder Blocks

Interior & Architecture Design

Lighting Design Consultation

Lighting Design Consultation


Furniture design & Customizing